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Mary Tompkins

Sometimes friends ask "When did Mary first become an artist?"

"Around five or six years old, more specifically at chore time. For example, she would dry one dish, then run to her paper and pencil to draw a high-heeled shoe. Between drying each dish she would draw another high-heeled shoe!" 

Do I still draw high-heeled shoes? Never! My clay goddesses are lucky to even get feet. Anyway, I've worked myself up to the other end of people. Faces are my work in progress. At eighty-six I've found my calling. I want to become a clay sculptor who truly gets the essence of faces. 

-ML Tompkins

Update/ Sadly, ML Tompkins passed away in September 2017, at age 95. Her work is still available in a limited quantity. If you travel to Tucson, AZ send us an email to make an appointment to visit her gallery.

Cindy Dunn

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